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Featured Articles

From time to time we feature specific articles on the front page of the website which should be of particular interest to our members and the mushrooming community at large.  Many of these will have appeared in the newsletter but others may have been written specifically for the website.  Below you will find an archive of these past and present articles from the front page.

Articles on Mushroom Hunting

National Survey of Mushroom Club Member Results

Some of our members may have participated in a survey that was conducted by Robert Bixler at Clemson University.  The results of this survey are now available: Survey Results (Cached copy).

Musings from the Old Man of the Woods

We are starting a new section which will be authored by long time OMS member Dick Grimm.  Dick has a wealth of history and wisdom to share with our readers.  These will appear at irregular intervals and will be archived in a dedicated section which will eventually be found in the navigation bar on the left.  This installment is titled simply: Spring Things


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